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The Body Song by Children

I am the eye i go blink blink

Yes i am the eye and i can wink

I am the eye but i can't think

That belongs to my friend the brain.


Fritter fratter frit fritter fratter frit

I'm the brain with electric current patter pit

I'm the brain and i fritter learning bit by bit

Yes i fritter fratter fritter all the time.


I go lub dub lub dub i go.

I am the heart i pump like so.

I'm bringing life to all the parts

I am consistent i'm the heart.

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Swinging i'm swinging

Swinging on life's merry way.

I'm the arm i'm the arm

Bringing grace to all.


Hearing hearing

Small ears hearing

We don't miss much

Hearing all the time.


We are the body of christ

We are the body of christ

Together bringing his love to the world.




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