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That Ain by Sean Kingston


That aint right (that aint right)

He aint messin with a g no more

Cause im on my grind

And you said its either or

Comin late at night

And you fussin when i walk in the door

And that aint nice

Girl you make me wanna leave fo sho


I'm in the studio laying out tracks

My girl keep trippin off that

Blowin up my phone like wher i'm at

Ooh oh ooh ooh oh ooh

She said she one more time

But baby i'm on my grind

I'm tryin to get my shine

And i feel like you holdin me back

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[hook x2]

Man i like the way you treat me girl

Sit down lets talk lemme reason girl

I kno i be deceivin ya girl

Cuz i really wanna hold ya down




Now she messin wit a cat

Cuz i'm grindin chasin these stacks

Say she gon' leave and never come back

Ooh oh ooh ooh oh ooh

Baby i'm not gonna lie

I think you wastin my time

I tryin to get my shine and i feel like you holdin me back


[hook x2]




You make me wanna leeave and get awaaay

But music is what i breeathe so babyyy

Stop stressing meee this is what i doo

Baby let me bee or i can't be wit youuu


[hook x2]





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