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We Are Looking For Article Writers!

KOvideo is looking for a part-time, late-afternoon/evening news writer. It's a great opportunity to make a name for yourself, to work with an awesome team and to learn a whole lot about the music industry and social gossip. We'd love for it to turn into a full-time job, if you prove successful. Your geographic location is not important.

Basically, we're looking for someone who is addicted to music in one way or another. Someone who can scan tens of feed items daily, communicate well with the rest of our team, select their own stories (with some help) and write 2 or 3 fantastic short to medium length news posts 5 nights a week. Our philosophy with regard to our competitors is that it's best to be first and best, but it's second best to be best. In other words, we try not to sacrifice quality for speed, if we have to make a choice. We would like you to strive to do at least one incredible thing every day. As a news writer, that usually means writing something well, before our competitors do, that we're all proud to have on our site.

We're looking for someone who can make themselves a star - through humble, smart, hard, fast and skilled work.

Monetary compensation is not the main advantage at the moment; non-monetary compensation in the form of thrills, skills, making a name for yourself and experience is among the best you'll find. People love working for KOvideo. If you prove yourself to be good at what you do we may even hire you full time.

If you'd like to be a part of one of the leading music sites on the internet, email me at alex -atdomain- with the words "awesome news writer" in your subject line. If you know someone that could be a good fit for this position, please send them our way.