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KOvideo is one of the most popular music websites on the Internet with a coverage of more than 1.8 million unique visitors and 2.9 million page views per month. If your goal is to create major exposure for your product or service to a particular audience then advertising with us would be a good investment.

Number one in Google, Yahoo and Bing for tons of music related searches, KOvideo is one of the premier destinations for music lovers. Our users love to read music-related news, watch fresh music videos, search for their favorite lyrics and come back everyday to see what's new.

This offers advertisers an exceptional opportunity to connect to unique audiences otherwise unreachable. Marketers can also reach engaging, active, and music-savvy consumers by advertising on

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We offer various types of artists promotions. Payments can be made via Paypal and your news / video can be up and running in a maximum of one day. Here are the options:

  • - Hosted video: includes a description and promotion via our social channels and even the homepage
  • - Hosted news: we'll write a special promotional article or we can feature your own. Included is promotion on our social channels and also on the homepage.
  • - Do you have something else in mind? Want to purchase both the packages? Email us!


  • - 1.8 + million uniques/month
  • - Facebook Fan page: 11,000 + fans
  • - RSS subscribers: 50,000 +
  • - Twitter Page: 10000 followers
  • - Members: 78,000 +

Audience Profile

We have a highly-valued audience for our highly-valued advertisers. KOvideo's visitors are mostly educated, affluent and influential.

Our readers are active and engaged web users, people who come to KOvideo for more than just the latest headlines. They update and follow-up with the series of our experts opinion by our columnists, with our editorial experts and with each other.

  • Broad Age Demographic - We have a wide range of age groups visiting our site, with a strong youth and parental audience, from internet novices to experts.
  • Gender profile - Our audience of savvy, intelligent women with money to spend dominates KOvideo (55%).

Ad Types and Specifications

All available advertising placements follow the guidelines and best practices of the Interactive Advertising Bureau and our site is one of the Certified Members of the IAB Long Tail Alliance.

We can accomodate any kind of campaign, from standard banners to rich media expandable banners, takeovers to full-site sponsorships.

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