Ten game-related music videos that MUST be danced to!

We've put together a list of old and new songs that can increase your odds to have a little fun. Ten game-related music videos that MUST be danced to!

This is another ‘feel good’ track that can be danced to in so many ways, and it is more than worthy of a place on the Olympic medal podium. Singing along is also mandatory, even if it just the first line of the chorus. Lyrics here. Dont miss their new movie.

This song makes it so much easier to recreate the disco dance floor of the late 1970s, and this anthem even managed to sell two million copies when it was originally released. No party is now complete without it. Lyrics here. More on Wild Cherry

Author E. Shuman, places this song in his hall of fame, justifying the fact that this track has gained a real reputation for becoming that ‘everyone onto the dance floor’ number at weddings, and surely this shows that it has a truly global appeal. Dancers of all ages and various states of alertness still manage to strut their stuff to Poker Face - anytime, anywhere! Lyrics here

Fans of Liverpool Football Club (United Kingdom) are born with this song in their DNA, and if you don’t think that it is a ‘dance number,’ take a look on YouTube for 50,000 fans slow dancing and singing to it in unison a few minutes before kick-off! Lyrics here

Regardless of your love for extreme water sports, Wipe Out can make a whole room of people jive in a variety of different styles. This is another 60s classic that refuses to retire into the vault of forgotten songs. Lyrics: “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-a, wipeout”

If there is a game-related song title that is shorter, someone should really get in touch! Although this isn’t one of Bowie’s most popular tracks, it is a real ‘end of the evening get close together and smooch’ classic. Lyrics here

This is another romantic love ballad, with the added bonus of some legendary solo guitar playing - Dickey Betts added something truly amazing to this track from the 1970s. After all, there are only three outcomes in most games or sports!

If ‘getting lucky’ is all about that win that is against all the odds, Daft Punk surely created a real masterpiece with this track. It appeals to both dance fans and anyone else that can appreciate a catchy piece of music. When it entered the charts, it was almost impossible to avoid it on the radio and TV.

It seems that this artist cannot keep gaming themes out of her track titles, and applause is another track that seems to be getting party goers in the mood all over the world. A good performance deserves a round of applause, and Lady Gaga never disappoints.

When this track was given the ‘dance remix’ treatment in the 1990s, this became a party classic that regularly graces compilation albums from this decade. While a number of tracks were remixed in the 90s, this was one of the most memorable. Lyrics here

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