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"Teenage Dream" Video Review

If teenage pregnancies rates rise in the next year, expect some fingers to point at Katy Perry as she goes tells her boyfriend, “let’s go all the way tonight,” in the music video for the second single and title track from her August 24 album, "Teenage Dream."

The relatively tame video, which in many ways seems like a better fit for “California Girls,” features her and her friends frolicking as her boyfriend goes off and boxes a lot and makes out with Perry a little.

Directed by Yoann Lemoine and filmed in Perry's hometown of Santa Barbara the video gives a raw and emotional look at how life is for the couple. From driving on the road and enjoying the wind in her hair to being on the beach, the tone for the video is soft and vulnerable.



Mahlie Rose 2147p 3 years ago

sex sells. simple.


quincy ebot 111p 3 years ago

man put on a shirt katty!


anna ruiz 13p 3 years ago

Man she is good i luv all of her songs


gemma jackson 15p 3 years ago

i love this song and why wold some people think this gives kids/teens an idea to have sex really that's stupid.its just a really good song. why complain.


Desiree Gutierrez 20p 4 years ago

love the song !!!


Br! gtz. 50p 4 years ago

idk... i sort of agree in winter lewis bt teens my age will belive in any thing they hear bt u cant blame them... they have a story in there lifes dat they lisen to songs dat adults dont aprove of. so i speak for all da teens out there dat r haveing a bad life bt dont give up on life.


Desiree Gutierrez 20p 4 years ago

your weird . . . not 2 be mean but you r . . .^-^(smiley face)


Winter Lewis 5p 4 years ago

wow the guy who gave the last review obviously does not know what he is talking about. If you think that simple lyric in a song is going to cause kids to have sex but the countless number of pornographic sites the web has to offer or the adult magazines anyone can buy at any local store like cosmo or rolling stone, etc. not to mention all of the countless of other issues kids have now-a-days has absolutely no influence what-so-ever over these children then clearly your priorities need to be rearranged.



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Katy Perry - Teenage Dream