Taylor Swift Spotted Holding Hands with Conor Kennedy

She was originally linked to one member of the Kennedy clan but she's made her choice clear. Taylor Swift Spotted Holding Hands with Conor Kennedy

There has been all sorts of speculation about the relationship surrounding Taylor Swift and her younger beau, Conor Kennedy, but now we finally have some hand-holding confirmation of their coupledom. 

While she was originally linked to Kennedy’s cousin, Patrick Schwarzenegger, it turns out that she’s actually hooking up with the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy.  Witnesses say that they saw the pair cozying up, holding hands and kissing as they took a romantic stroll along the waterside in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. 

The young Kennedy has been through a lot this year.  His mother, Mary, committed suicide this past May and reports say that she had a hard time coping with her divorce and battled drug and alcohol problems for years.  The family, of course, is no stranger to tragedy so while Conor is just 18 to Swift’s 22, he probably is mature well beyond his years.

It seems that things between the pair are getting serious very quickly. They’ve only been dating a few weeks but Swift has purchased a home across the street from his grandmother, Ethel, so she has a permanent base in the area. 

Hopefully, Swift, who has quite a colorful romantic past at such a young age, has found a long-lasting relationship with Kennedy.

Written on Aug 19 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: taylor swift conor kennedy taylor swift boyfriend


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