Taylor Swift Shows The Concert Experience In The Music Video For 'Sparks Fly'

Speak Now Tour Phenomenon, Taylor Swift, Gives Fans The Ultimate Concert Experience In The Music Video For 'Sparks Fly' Taylor Swift Shows The Concert Experience In The Music Video For 'Sparks Fly'

Taylor Swift has just released the music video for Sparks Fly showing footage composed of clips from her Speak Now Tour as she performs concerts across the US.

Clearly, Taylor Swift is a superb performer as she wows the audience with her talent as a singer and moves with the elegance and confidence of the ultimate entertainer. The clip shows a bit of everything that happens during a show, including changes of set, costume changes, dancers doing their choreographic routines, stunts performed by aerial acrobats, fireworks and of course Taylor Swift herself.

For most of the video she is in a sparkling gold dress, and we get brief glimpses of the number 13 painted on her hand. To her, 13 is her lucky number. There is even a shot of the fans holding up their arms in a heart symbol – real devotion to their idol.

The enormity of the stadium crowd is mind-blowing. As far as one can see looking left or right, behind or ahead, all there is to see are people singing with the superstar. It is phenomenal!

From the initial outset of the Speak Now Tour, commentators within the music industry called this one of the most anticipated musical experiences of 2011. It began in February in Singapore, and has travelled around Asia, Europe, and North America, and will continue through Canada, Australia and New Zealand where it will conclude in March 2012. Already gross revenue has reached almost $50 million, putting her up there with the status of a superstar.

It is an exciting music video to watch. Not everyone will get the opportunity to be present at a Taylor Swift concert, but this clip will be the next best thing. Enjoy the experience.

Taylor Swift - "Sparks Fly"

Written on Aug 14 2011 by Mike Petryczkowycz (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: taylor swift sparks fly


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