Taylor Swift Set To Meet Harry Styles Parents at 'One Direction' Concert

The teenage pop star won't confirm whether or not he is dating Swift but he is expected to introduce her to his parents next week. Taylor Swift Set To Meet Harry Styles Parents at 'One Direction' Concert

Taylor Swift may have only just started dating Harry Styles but the "One Direction" member is keen to take their rumoured relationship to the next level, according to the latest round of celebrity gossip.

Styles is scheduled to perform with his boy band at a concert in New York City on December 3 and British tabloid The Sun have claimed that he is planning to formally introduce his new girlfriend to his parents then.

Both the stars' parents are expected to attend 1D's highly-anticipated show at NYC's famous Madison Square Garden and the British singer is expected to arrange the said meet-up at the event's afterparty.

An insider with knowledge of Styles' affairs, told the publication: "He's been very hush-hush about Taylor but this is the perfect chance to introduce her to them."

Meanwhile, Styles is still refusing to speak a word about his private life to the press. While celebrity bloggers around the world are almost sure that he and Swift are an item, he himself is maintaining his silence on this subject.

As soon as he landed at New York City's JFK Airport along with the rest of his bandmates, groups of papparazzi reporters asked him to confirm the rumour. When asked, "Are you really dating Taylor Swift?" Styles dodged the questions and despite several reporters' continued efforts, he didn't budge.

Written on Nov 26 2012 by Zohaib Ahmed (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: taylor swift one direction harry styles


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