Taylor Swift’s New Album Will Be “Out Pretty Soon,” According to Florida Georgia Line

Taylor Swift’s new album may be out sooner than we think, according to Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley. Taylor Swift’s New Album Will Be “Out Pretty Soon,” According to Florida Georgia Line

Taylor Swift has recently been spotted around New York City, where she has been in the studio working on a follow-up to 2012’s Red.

Although some have claimed she went there after getting into a fight with Selena Gomez, she has actually been taking inspiration from the Big Apple, according to an unnamed source to WebProNews: “She is in New York because she’s working on her album. She’s putting one out soon but she’s still trying to write some more songs and she’s really inspired by New York. She feels very creative when she’s there, it’s inspiring her to create. It’s such a different head space than Nashville or LA, she loves all three places but right now New York is more her speed.”

While this could mean a different change of pace for the singer, who started country and then went pure pop on her last album, Florida Georgia Line has also been in the studio with her – so maybe she’s returning to her roots after all. And based upon her collaboration, group member Brian Kelley recently told the press that Swift’s album, which has yet to be named, should be arriving shortly: “I know Taylor’s got an album coming out pretty soon and she’d be amazing to collaborate with. She already has some really good collaborations, so you can’t go wrong with her.”

The singer has typically taken at least two years between albums, and back in November, she explained that this release actually appears ahead of schedule.

So, with country collaborations and inspiration from New York, what would this album actually end up sounding like?

Written on May 05 2014 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: taylor swift florida georgia line


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