Taylor Swift Buys New Home near Kennedy Compound

The $4.9 million piece of property will bring her closer to the residence of her incumbent beau Conor Kennedy. Taylor Swift Buys New Home near Kennedy Compound

Taylor Swift has bought herself a new vacation residence in the north east so that she could be closer to her latest love interest Conor, who is the grandson of the late US President John F. Kennedy.

People's magazine has claimed that the 22-year-old country musician recently finalised the purchase of a house in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, which is the same town where the historical Kennedy Compound is located.

Swift has been a family friend of the Kennedys for a long time but her love affair with Conor began only recently. A few days ago, the two lovebirds were seen together in Nashville, Tennessee, the city which is the dearest to the "You Belong with Me" singer and where her music career truly blossomed.

Us Weekly claims that they became close after Conor's mother Mary committed suicide earlier this year and he found comfort in Swift's company.

Swift is also very fond of Conor's grandmother and the former First Lady of the United States Ethel Kennedy, who also lives in the nearby area.

This latest house purchase cost Swift $4.9 million, which should be termed as a major bargain deal, since the same piece of property was in the market for $13.5 million just two years ago, according to She apparently offered the sellers an all-cash deal, which tempted them into selling the house at a knockdown price.

This is now the third known residential place that has Swift's name on it. She also has houses in her spiritual hometown of Nashville and Beverley Hills.

Written on Aug 14 2012 by Zohaib Ahmed (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: taylor swift


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