Taylor Swift Buying Home Near Harry Styles?

After she bought a home near Conor Kennedy, she might be finding a place near her new beau. Taylor Swift Buying Home Near Harry Styles?

The rumor mill surrounding Taylor Swift continues to churn out stories and this time, it’s about the possibility that she’s looking for a home in North London to be near Harry Styles. 

She was spotted with the One Direction singer recently (and subsequently received death threats from his fans on Twitter).

Anything that is known about the nature of their relationship is pure speculation since neither of them has confirmed or denied anything but this does fit a pattern we saw earlier this year.

When Swift was romantically linked to Conor Kennedy, it was reported that she purchased a home in the Cape Cod area, right near the Kennedy family.

It is possible, however, that she’s just building up her real estate portfolio since, in addition to the Massachusetts property, she owns homes in Nashville and Beverly Hills.

Hopefully, she’s not just buying homes to be near guys that she has crushes on.  Not only is that frivolous but it could earn her a reputation as a stalker.

Written on Nov 21 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: taylor swift one direction harry styles london house


Janice Smith 10p 2 years ago

Let's hope she isn't buying houses near her boy toys. (I literally mean boy - they are only 18, not even a legal adult in the US) I mean, seriously if she can buy properties near each of her boyfriends, she could probably make a decent dent in the hunger issues in developing countries, homelessness, medical research for cancer or any other disease. Just saying there are a lot better things to do with one's money than spending it on buying a property to stalk her boyfriend. I mean for the amount of time you are going to be there, it'd be easier to just rent a hotel room. I guess it kind of goes to all celebrities out there buying huge estates that they really don't need. Taylor's reasoning (if true) is just the one that bothers me the most. Most celebrities buy vacation properties where they frequently visit and for long periods at a time, not someone who is about to go on a massive tour and probably won't see the property that often if it's because of a boy (she'll probably be at their house)


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