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"Take Me To The Hospital" Video Review

"Take Me to the Hospital" will be the twenty-first single released by the British electronic band The Prodigy. To be released on 31 August 2009, the CD Single includes the Sub Focus Remix and the 12" Single also includes a Rusko Remix.

Liam also collaborated with Josh Homme to create the "Wreckage" mix of the song. It will be the third commercial single from their fith studio album Invaders Must Die, after "Omen" and "Warrior's Dance" and the free "promo" single "Invaders Must Die".

The track features samples from 'Salami Fever' by Pepe Deluxé and 'Ragamuffin Duo Take Charge' by Asher D & Daddy Freddy.

The music video was filmed onto VHS rather than digital recording equipment to obtain an old school 90's look.

"We shot parts of the video in a derelict mental hospital. A proper death trap. Holes in the floor and shit falling out the ceiling. We broke in which involved being chased by dogs and a run in with the cops. We wanted a hospital in there but didnt want to shove it down peoples throats. The video was recorded onto vhs. We wanted it to look like an 80s movie youve just found at the back of the cupboard. Doing it analogue gave it a real unique look that you cant create on a shiney computer. Keep it real. dugdale and the prodigy"


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The Prodigy - Take Me To The Hospital