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Timbaland Symphony lyrics is the 17th song on the album "Shock Value Ii" by Timbaland. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "Timbaland Keeps Collaborations to a Minimum for New Album".
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Symphony by Timbaland

Ay I was mean

Before I became a feen

I took over the world

When they gave me a beat machine

And then I made my city jump jump

Who's your favorite producer?

Come on baby let it bump bump

I'm like a music cyclone when I'm in the zone

A typhoon every time I can hold a song

A tycoon I just went and brought another home

Who you stunting on? I'm never off

I set it off like you was never home

Was dedicated bop bop

Lit up my way bounce bounce

Anyway I want private jet get it out

Will bread do? You know what Tim about?

Ferrari 599 windows tinted out

I I I'm the man my my beats is crazy

You want the sound freaky freaky you gotta pay me

But don't get it confused

Never had no silver spoon

But you gotta long walk

Try and fit Timbaland's shoes

And next up





I ain't changed still the same

D.O.E be the name

I'm from north side queens

Next up


[Bran'Nu (D.O.E):]

Ha ay yo believe that's me

(And what's your name?) Bran'Nu A.K.A Brandy

(And where you from?) Mississippi

But was raised in Cali

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[D.O.E (Bran'Nu):]

Why don't you get on the mic

For the symphony (I got it I got it ha)



It's been a long time coming I'm back

Like I forgot something important

Hey have a problem with me?

I've faded to black like church slacks

Now I'm in a range no Cadillac

So you don't want it with me

I'm on the tip of your tongue like bubble gum

I got you head strung

It's my return like the kingdom come

I'm taking off like a rocket

I got this beat in my pocket

I keep your heart dropping (Bran'Nu)

Never gonna hold me back

Timbo put me on the map

Now you wanna say I act brand new

Just like my Pradda boots

Strutting like a model do

Don't you wish you had another chance to

Get up under my skin

Fronting like you getting in it

You keep running your mouth like them frogs do

I gotta learn you like a school dude

Cause clearly you don't have a clue

So next up


[Attitude (Bran'Nu):]

Yeah ay yo believe that's me

(And what's your name?) Attitude on the M.I.C

(And where you from?) Alabama be the bigger G


[Bran'Nu (Attitude):]

And why don't you get on the mic

For the symphony (okay)



All this dope shit never mediocre

Plenty bread so you know I gotta keep a toaster

On my side pride leashing it's over

Come to fly to drive I'm a need a chauffeur

I get a whole lot of like a G's supposed to

They can put me in the fed for what's in my sofa

Rap wait smack 'em if they say a part

Diss me I'll put the ratchet

On you and your fading heart

I know that man never thought that it could happen

Got my shit on and then I hoped in the Aspen

Every chick I cash in bigger pain in the ass and

Better new freak she thicker then the last one

Naw I ain't never homie music is my passion

I ain't show compassion at all I be fucking

Yelling I'm the shit if you with nobody's asking

Oh I'm on fire like the shit in the ass man

That's why I stay soaked on player

Like how we are fucking up the ozone layer

I drop a hit every time I got some shit to say

And If I miss I come back like a ricochet


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