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Sweat by Flo Rida

Ill be putting in down in a minute

How long will it take before you screamin my name oh baby

We should rip off our clothes and get naked i'll be like oh yeah

You be like oh yeah party out popin here makin her sweat for a little peticure up on my chest and we gunna sweat sweat sweat ill be like oh yeah youll be like oh yeah makin her sweat


Ah ah be on that wake up in the mornin shawty lets work

Gotta put it down on a job on a cop be the last one to punch out first

A little bit of sweat wont hurt

If it really hot gunna wet your skirt

A little bit of sweat wont hurt

Bottom to the top good sex no shirt

I dont wanna stop baby thats the worst

Feeling in the world

Aint no no feeling like feeling up a girl

Go slow hood hit her get in a chair

Keep looking at the ceiling with your legs in the air ill be ready in a minute dont go no where

Ima hold your hair

Kick it to the finish baby let go there

Even you the bitness im that player im so rare give me them drawers like underwear

Passion its smashin

Its sl-sl-slaping its smakin it

Up all night all them graphing it

Ima do me put my back in it

Lil mama you ready cuz i gotta tell ya

As soon as we leavin the club

If you wanna cut and i wanna cut theres nothing more to discuss

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Ill be puttin it down in a minute

How long will it take before you screamin my name oh baby

We should rip off our clothes and get naked

Ill be like oh yeah youll be like oh yeah

Partin out popping here

Makin her sweat

For a little peticute up on my chest

And we gunna sweat sweat sweat

I be like oh yeah you be like oh yeah

Makin her sweat


Hey lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-look at ya lady we could take it from the bed to the couch to the floor to the stove get so so creative

Rip rip rip it off x-rated

Sh-shawty we should get naked

Baby girl thats if you can take it

Sip a little champagne and get bated

Heyyy i wonna be your bling bling right i

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