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Flowing Tears Swallow lyrics is the 1st song on the album "Invanity - Live In Berlin" by Flowing Tears. The "Swallow" lyrics by Flowing Tears are displayed below.
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Swallow by Flowing Tears

For this bleeding sunwalk

We laid down besides

And a screaming sky walks

And a trigger by my side...


Drowing karmic networks

Sad machines inside

See the radio sky talks

Under a searing heaven...





Swallow the bitter taste you once craved deep

Your christ your veil your sun

In bitter blood you lay your sleep

And keep the sun in turn

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For my god my cancer

My painful god alone

Dream of plastic serpents

Swallowed father take me home


Close my stranded eyes now

Kiss my sun goodbye

Light this jesus lantern

Crack my searing heaven...




So leave in morpheous dreams

Lay down crestfallen eyes

No sad farewell in plastic flowers

Take this breath away from harm

As once a child in kaleidoscope mind









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