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Family Force 5 Supersonic lyrics is the 11th song on the album "Business Up Front/party In The Back" by Family Force 5. The "Supersonic" lyrics by Family Force 5 are displayed below.
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Supersonic by Family Force 5

have you heard the new sensation?

Can i give you some good news?

Well let me tell you what it's all about

Cause it's sure to make you move

You never really see it coming

Cause it hits you so so fast

And when ur getting supersonic baby then you know it's gonna last


Let go of urself

It'll be good for ur health

Don't care who watches

You g'on take it up a few notches


Put ur hands in the air

Act like a fool cause you just don't care

Ur feeling so platonic

Now ur getting supersonic


(chorus) x 2

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Do you wanna get supersonic?

You gotsta get supersonic!

Get get get supersonic!

It's super duper sonic baby!


Now you got that feeling

And it makes you want to fly

So have the faith to not play it safe


Cause you never know when you die


Just lift him up

Cause you can't get enough


Ur life is so symphonic

Cause you chose to get supersonic

Do you wanna get supersonic?

Get get get supersonic

You got to get supersonic

Super supersonic-sonic


(chorus) x 2


(crouton breakdown)


I know you like to party

I know you like to dance

When you getting supersonic baby then you know you gonna get the chance

You cannot stop the body rock

You cannot stop the funk

When you getting supersonic baby then you know you go'n keep it crunk


Supersonic gang vocals


(chorus) x 2



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