Sunny Day Real Estate Release First New Song in 14 Years

After not putting out anything since 2000, Sunny Day Real Estate has a new track planned for April. Sunny Day Real Estate Release First New Song in 14 Years

Considered one of the first emo bands, Sunny Day Real Estate looked to officially be gone from the rock landscape in 2000. While part of the group toured as Fire Theft in 2003, the band went on the road again in 2009 – but no record came out of it.

However, according to a piece in Pitchfork, Sunny Day Real Estate are putting out a new track, as part of a two-part 7” single with Circa Survive. The release – “Lipton Witch” from Sunny Day Real Estate and “Bad Heart” from Circa Survive – comes out on April 19, also known as Record Store Day.

Circa’s Brendan Ekstrom contacted Sunny Day about the release, after hearing about a new song put together in 2009 but never released. He explained: “I knew they were on a hiatus and I hated the idea of that song never being released.  Jeremy spoke with the other guys who all seemed interested to do the split I had I proposed.  We had a B-side we’d been sitting on that had a mellower vibe which seemed to balance their more rocking song in a way that another upbeat jam might not have.”

Ekstrom considers it the strongest Sunny Day Real Estate has ever written: “I couldn’t be more happy that this is happening. I honestly think this one of the best songs Sunny Day has ever written and I’m really happy that fans are going to get to hear it.”

The track follows 2000’s The Rising Tide, the band’s first album not to be released on Sub Pop. The release went up to No. 97 on the Billboard 200 that year.

Written on Mar 04 2014 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: sunny day real estate lipton witch


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