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Beyoncé Suga Mama lyrics is the 11th song on the album "B'day Deluxe Edition" by Beyoncé. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "“Pretty Hurts” Selected as Next Single from Beyonce’s Self-Titled Album".
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Suga Mama by Beyoncé

Damn that was so good I wanna buy him a short set


Hey hey


I'ma be like a jolly rancher that you get from the corner store

I'ma be like a waffle cone that's dripping down to the floor

The way you do if for me I can't lie

About to be up in the mall all night

Whatever I get you putting it on

Don't give me no lip let mama do it all




Come sit on mama lap

Hey hey

Come sit on mama lap


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It's so good to the point that I'd

Do anything to keep you home

Baby what you want me to buy

My accountant's waiting on the phone

Just the thought of making love to you

Dropping everything that's what I'll do

Whatever I get you putting it on

Now take it off while I watch you perform




Cause I'm a suga ma-ma-mama

I'm your suga mama suga mama




And I've always been the type to take care of mine

I know just what I'm doing

Don't you worry it's cool and everything is steady

Puttin' you on my taxes already yeah yeah yeah yeah

I promise I won't let no bills get behind

Cause every touch every kiss and hug

You 'bes believe it'll be on time

Suga mama mama mama yeah yeah yeah




[Bridge 2x]


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