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"Strangers" Video Review

Post-punk revivalist band White Lies is out with a very graphic music video for "Strangers", the Ben Sullivan produced single from the album "Ritual". Stephen Agnew directed the video, with a very different approach on love in mind. Be prepared for watching an explicit music video, not very different from Rihanna's "S&M" video.

When you hear frontman Harry McVeigh sing "I pressed my ear to your chest and heard something personal / A whisper that knew my name", you normally wouldn't expect seeing a latex covered woman pouring milk on herself, or someone urinating in their jeans; even the unicorn gagged lady is a little far fetched. But if you have a poetic mind and appreciate the esthetic of ugly beauty, then all of this will make much more sense.

To make gain a complete image of the clip, imagine a six minute collection of fetish videos interrupted only by the occasional White Lies concerting scenes. I guess this is what you can expect from "strangers".

If you want the full "Strangers" experience, visit the viral page


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