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Straight In At 101 by Los Campesinos!

i think we need more post-coital

And less post-rock

Feels like the build up takes forever

But you never get me off


You pull your dress over your face

And i stare down towards my chest

Chastise both our greasy hair

Wonder whose gut is the softest


Stand with my ear to the door

Listening to the landing floorboards

Working out when we'll be safe

To dash the mattress to your bathroom


Where i ball my fingers into fists

Until my knuckles glow bright white

Press the heels into eye sockets

'til i see the flashing lights


Stop me when my stories change

When they have started to repeat

'cause last time

I was a mess of sleep of icy feet


So baby all apologies

It was going to happen inevitably


I think we need more post-coital

And less post-rock

Feels like the build up takes forever

But you never touch my cock

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And what exactly do you mean now?

By what can you even eat?

And how does that affect?

How i'll get off this evening?


I flew down south to mexico

Had a minor realization

I understood why kids draw the sun

With its rays emanating


And the beams broke the clouds


The sky were like a concertina

A town in my pocket for weeks

Folded up from a picture


I've been playing straight chicken

With gay girls it's never enough

She keeps on pulling the peace sign

And it seems like a torch


She licked the glaze on her lips

They shone like battleship grey

She never liked the wisdom i gave


Some people give themselves to religion

Some people give themselves to a cause

Some people give themselves to a lover

I have to give myself to goals


So baby all apologies

It was going to happen inevitably

And if it helps i mean even slightly at all

It's best you dust yourself down

And get straight back on the horse


I condescend a smile and wink

Directly at the camera

And leave you letting both our senses

I tiptoe out the backdoor


I skip down i see streets in view

My face in the reflection

Of a high street lingerie store

Though it wasn't my intention


I phoned my friends and family

To gather 'round the television

The talking heads count down the most

Heart wrenching break-ups of all time


Imagine the great sense of waste

The indignity the embarrassment

When not a single one of that

Whole century was mine


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