Sting Releasing First Album of Original Material in a Decade

As a proper follow-up to 2003’s ‘Sacred Love,’ Sting’s latest album ‘The Last Ship’ is scheduled to come out this fall. Sting Releasing First Album of Original Material in a Decade

For the past decade, Sting’s releases have leaned more toward the classical – an album of lute music and another of orchestral interpretations of his songs hit shelves over the past 10 years. 2003’s Sacred Love was the former Police member’s latest of original material, and now, he’s following it up with a release called The Last Ship.

According to statements from Sting’s publicist, the album drops on September 24, 2013, but what’s unique about it is, the songs are taken from a musical Sting has had in the works. With a setting of Wallsend, England, the musical focuses on the shipyard building industry of the 1980s and, as of now, is scheduled to appear on Broadway by 2014.

While the songs themselves further the action of the script, The Ship Yard doesn’t use a play-by-play chronology. Instead, the tracks featured include those from the musical and others that did not make the cut.

Sting has spent nearly the past three years working on the album and, for the musical, is collaborating with Skyfall writer John Logan and playwright Brian Yorkey. Joe Mantello, behind Wicked and Other Desert Cities, is directing.

Between these two original releases, Sting put out three albums: Songs from the Labyrinth in 2006, in which he recorded lute music from John Dowland with Edin Karamazov; If on a Winter’s Night in 2009; and Symphonicities, a release of classical interpretations of Sting’s standards, in 2010.

Written on Jun 04 2013 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: sting the last ship sacred love


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