Steve Jobs Leaves The World A Better Place

The World Mourns The Passing Of Apple Founder, Steve Jobs, But This Legendary Visionary Will Not Be Forgotten Steve Jobs Leaves The World A Better Place

World computer icon, Steve Jobs, left the world a better place. No-one will doubt that Steve lived life following his dream, making ideas become reality. He was an inspiration to many … so many.

As news of his passing hit, tributes poured out from all media around the world in a scale that is truly staggering. Affected by the sad loss of this incredible person, thousands of people on Facebook have organized an unofficial 'Steve Jobs Day' for next Friday, October 14, to celebrate his incredible life.

Even a website, has invited people to dress up as the face of Apple in his traditional faded blue jeans, sneakers and black turtleneck sweater. Maybe dressed up (or dressed down?) folks will even say his signature phrase of, "… one more thing," just to bring back the memories.

Because of Steve Jobs, the shape and use of computers is so radically different from the rooms of electronic wizardry of the era pre-1970s. By making the computer affordable for the average person, homes now have, in many instances, numerous computers. And although Steve did not invent the Graphic User Interface (GUI), he was instrumental in employing the GUI in the portable computer. Pointing and clicking with a mouse is now the standard. No longer must we type in long tedious commands, exactly correct, for a file to work. The iPod and the iPhone - just touch/slide the picture for the "app" to start the activity.

It has been said that Steve was part Thomas Edison, Walt Disney and PT Barnum. And he knew how to motivate people to want more.

For almost 40 years, the world has been constantly changing because of the Apple II, the MacIntosh computer, the iPod, iPhone , iPad, iTunes and Pixar entertainment.

Because of him, Steve Jobs has left the world a better place.

In 2005, Steve spoke to Stanford University students in a speech (below) that will be remembered by many, for many years to come. It runs for about 15 minutes. He talks about his early life, his tinkering with computers, a quick jibe at Windows, some of his successes and failures, but more than that, his words will inspire!

Finally, to the genius who dreamed up inventions such as the iPod, iPhone and iPad, I have just dreamed up two new words, iThankyou and iBidYouFarewell.

(Following the Steve Jobs' address is one very appropriate music video by Eric Clapton performing Change the World.)

Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

Eric Clapton - "Change the World"

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