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Started From The Bottom (Freestyle) by Chris Brown

Black Benz

You repent

Give a fuck about this paper

Say you're girl is a fan now that bitch up at my table


Everyday the same cycle

Got the weed got the liquor got the swishers and these bitches we gone pull an all nighter

Doing this shit for VA

Two hundred on the freeway

They blowing up my phone cause they tryna get a 3-way

This shit looking like a relay

She already chose cause it's too many niggas but it's not enough hoes

Goddamnit I know you can't stand it while I discommand it

I do damage and she pull her panties down to the floor she let me cut

Think I needa bend it

Drop the pussy bend it

If yo nigga tripping 40 on him

Tell me when to go

I put five hundred thousand on you

Why you rented four

If that shit is yours

Then what it's tented for

Throw that westside up

With them lamborghini doors

And I step right up

I make it rain I make it pour huh

Who a low-life

Nigga get it straight

All this ice

In ya face

All this money

I don't need a safe

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How you talking money to a fucking bank

Now throw a couple bands on it

Walk the plank walk the plank

Yea stand on it

That's your bitch I'm sorry she put her hands on it

I know you hating

But you know you a fan homie

Okay I love them asian Love them red dots

She give me brains what I call her headshots

Them white girls say they love tupac

It's hella back bitches all up on this white yacht

Yea because its snapbacks and tattoos

Girl take them tights off

Gone let that ass loose

This a tax write off

You I'm that dude

And my flow is ewrr like that pink thing on that baboon

Shitty My niggas with me riding for my city

Got Virginia on my back

My autograph across her titty

Pop that pussy like I pop a wheelie

Always beatin I committed

On the dick acting silly

Gone girl get it get it

Fuck being low-key

I be on that loud pack

All this smoke up in the air

Can't see where the crowd at

Thinking you gone drink for free

Bitch I can't I allow that

Real nigga section

Bitch you are around that

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