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Pressha Splackavellie lyrics is the 6th song on the album "Don't Get It Twisted" by Pressha. The "Splackavellie" lyrics by Pressha are displayed below.
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Splackavellie by Pressha


You know there comes a period in every womans life,

When she gets frustrated and fed up, with her man and

All his silly hang ups. You know a woman wants a man

She don't have to have no drama behind you, just

Somebody who can love her down with no strings attached,

And his name is Splackavellie


Verse 1

Tell me what kind of superman, would take you to his

Bedroom baby, and hit you wit some front back and side to side.

Like hydraulics on a stormy nite and break you off something proper like.

Ain't no need for you to to perpetrate 'cuz u will accommodate and you will appreciate

The way he flips you up, down and round and round, in and out make you scream and

Shout."shorty put your thing down down"



He ain't your boyfriend, he ain't your husband just somebody you can call

When your body needs a fix, he'll put you in the mix, then you'll hear him

Asking whats my name, say my name Splackavellie.

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Every woman needs her own Splackavellie, a brother

She can call when her man ain't doin her right.

He can work it all night.

Until the morning light, make her feel right right right.

Every woman needs that one Splackavellie, a brother

She can call when her man ain't doin her right.

He can work it all night.

Until the morning light, make her feel right right right


Verse 2:

Tell me what kind of superman, would make you feel

Good with his mouth, and kiss you from your earring to your

Belly chain, and then go down a lil' further mane.

Its all right baby ain't no shame

Drop the top on his Mercedes Benz, so her legs can

Feel the wind as he hits it again and again and again and again.

Its all good yeah. 'cuz i'm 'bout it 'bout it baby.. i'm 'bout it 'bout it baby


Repeat bridge 1x

Repeat chorus 2x


Yeah it's all right... it's all right right... right oooooo

Whats my name, spell my name...

S-p-l-a-c-k-a-v-e-l-l-i-e.. splackavellie baby baby


Repeat chorus 2x

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