Spin Doctors Getting Ready for Sixth Studio Album

The Spin Doctors are going back to their blues roots on their upcoming sixth studio album. Spin Doctors Getting Ready for Sixth Studio Album

The Spin Doctors scored a number of hits the early 1990s, including “Two Princes.” But even with their blues-influenced rock/pop sound garnering them attention, their true roots are less in rock and more in the blues. That’s why, with a recent announcement for their sixth studio album, they revealed they are returning to their original sound.

Fans influenced this return, Chris Barron explained: “We all have a very deep reverence for the blues. It's the music that really is the roots of all we do. Last year, when we were performing ‘Pocket Full of Kryptonite’ for the 20th Anniversary, we wanted to play ‘deep cuts’ in the encore. When we asked some of our fans over there which tunes they wanted to hear, to our surprise, they wanted to hear the old blues stuff. Well... we had such a good time playing it, and it sounded so good, that we toyed around with the idea of making a blues record.”

Originally, after this recommendation, the members recorded a live demo in the studio as an experiment. An album ended up growing out of it.

While a five-track teaser can be found online, the release, titled If The River Was Whiskey, comes out on May 14 in the United States through Ruf Records. Tracks were recorded in three days with no overdubs. The 10 songs, however, present an assortment of new and old material, with some written as far back as the late 1980s, when the band still played in New York blues bars. Instead of filling the rest of the release with standards, they opted to write new material.

To promote the album, Spin Doctors are scheduled for a U.S. trek in summer 2013 and head over to Europe then for a fall tour.

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