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Just Jack Spectacular Failures / Koolaid lyrics is the 12th song on the album "Overtones" by Just Jack. The "Spectacular Failures / Koolaid" lyrics by Just Jack are displayed below.
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Spectacular Failures / Koolaid by Just Jack

Spectacular Failures


Life is but a dream in a greater scheme waking up is hard to do.

Even if you're quick something holds you back always waiting in a queue for someone to tell you you're broke or you should not smoke anymore cigarettes.

Planets will align if you give them time.

When you least expect everything connects even when the hope is gone there is you and you'll keep your name and the things in your brain just might see you through.


'Cos you are light and in darkest night you shine.

And I guess we're doing fine but there's no escaping our spectacular failure.


Digging in between things we've never seen trying to find the missing links.

All these scientists are trying every trick just before the city sinks without trace.

So much we've achieved so I hope when we leave there's a smile on our face.


'Cos you are light and in darkest night you shine.

And I guess we're doing fine but there's no escaping our spectacular failure

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Just got what it takes got that x factor well i supose i have


I meet a girl a party

She said she like techno tronic

I said are you for real

She said no im being post ironic


Thats right


I went to a bar called jaguar shoes

I danced around and drank too much booze ah

Got into a cab with a girl and puked on her shoes

Can someone tell me if thats fucking cool or what or what.. come on now just dance


Yer i got a cool friend shes a pho-to-grapher i'd really like to make it with heerrr but i cant ...shes gay


Thats right


Can someone please tell me like what is cool the breakfast club or math disputer

Well they try to be cool but im the coolest

You could use this as a documentry of what is coolest


Come on information

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Spectacular Failures / Koolaid Song Lyrics Meanings

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