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Speaking In Tongues by Justin Bieber


Speaking in tongues

Yabba dabba dabba da da

DaVoala..I'm killin this caca

Call up Lady Gaga..on my..on my


Hella girl metronome

My new chick..she a yellowbone

I buy her yellow stones..cause I

Like it when she got that yellow


So I'm a raptor..tearin it up like a


Matter fact..Im killin this

Track..youre a slacker

Sack like a sacker..hello Mr. Brady

Tell em leave his hair to the guy

Who sings Baby

Baby..come and try to save me

Lately..Ive been hearing these

Things that sound crazy

Like..Speaking in tongues

All right..alrite stop..drop and

Roll..Justin Bieber is on fire

Its time to realize its time to call

Me Young Sire

Youre the seller..I'm the buyer

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Youre the teller..and I'm hired

I'm higher than the highest point

Yes..I am flyer

And I'm wired to the game..stay

Dry when it rains

I'm tired of the fame..are you

Proud of the pain

Yes..were the same..yes..I'm


And my mane hangs down..I'm a strings

I murdered that..mayne..

Shawty Mane..Shawty Mane..what

You doin..Shawty Mane?

I'm Justin Bieber

You guys might know me as the

Guy you know who sings Baby

You know..uh..I'm a singer..pop


I'm white know..thats why I do


Just to prove know

I got skills..on..on..on the rap



What up JulKeyz? Yo..I killed that

All right..peace.


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Speaking In Tongues Song Lyrics Meanings

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