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Blue Highway
Highway 101
Jackson Highway
Lost Highway
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My Favorite Highway
Voodoo Highway

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Jon Bon Jovi is once again channeling his inner cowboy in the second single, Lost Highway, from the latest album by pop/rock band Bon Jovi. It was...

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The video for Human Highway's sickly sweet "The Sound", taken from Moody Motorcycle (out via Suicide Squeeze) is like an animated short made by a...

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All the way from Norway, ORBO and the Longshots kick things off with the roots-driven "Highway Tears" a groove-filled track with an earthy Americana sound...

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  • Sonic Youth Album Cover

    ... and down off of the concrete abutments Mirage on the highway Ghosts in the tunnel The dark cave Out into the ... light of day at breakneck speed Every bolt rumbling Glistening highway mirage groans The slick surface Careening into first the small ...

  • Sonic Youth Album Cover
    Computer Age
    by Sonic Youth | Rating: -

    ... don't see the others Precious metal lies ... into the highway... (? ) Days and night Weeks and months and seasons Rolling through ...

  • I'm Not There
    by Sonic Youth | Rating: -

    ... cried the night before And i'll feast on the highway but i'll dream about the door It's alone ...

  • ... was no way out of my head On a crimson highway by a chrome bumper i last saw you Alive inclined ...

  • Skip Tracer
    by Sonic Youth | Rating: -

    ... i'll see you see you See you on the highway Now we're told so merge ideas of song forms ...

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