Song Review: 'Everyday Birthday' - Swizz Beatz feat. Chris Brown and Ludacris

Swizz Beatz, Chris Brown and Ludacris want everybody to celebrate with 'Everyday Birthday.' Song Review: 'Everyday Birthday' - Swizz Beatz feat. Chris Brown and Ludacris

A sampling of Kill Bill movie sirens and a good-natured directive to “dance like a white girl” -- whatever that means -- lead the charge to “Everyday Birthday.”

Following up, Swizz Beatz continues his tradition of fast talking over a fast-paced beat, though this one wasn’t his own (“Whip My Hair” producer Jukebox composed this track), Chris Brown continues to dabble with rapping and Ludacris continues his tradition of overemphasizing every word of his verses as if it will mean a greater punchline payoff. An echoing musical breakdown in the middle of the song blends genres of hip-hop and house -- not abnormal, as the two H’s have been getting rather cozy with each other lately.

It’s probably meant to be a birthday banger, but with Beatz’s awkward rapping and those darn repetitive sirens, over the course of its three-and-a-half minute existence, “Everyday Birthday” starts to wear one’s nerves thin. Not to mention the infuriatingly grammatically incorrect song title. (Would titling the track “Everyday Is Your Birthday” have been so hard?)

Listen to the song below. Would you play this song on your birthday?

Written on Nov 22 2012 by Altamese Osborne (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: swizz beatz  chris brown  ludacris


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