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"Someone Like You" Video Review

Since we don't have anything to add on one of the highest release of this year, we are embedding what others have to say. Shout out in the comments in you like the official music video for "Someone Like You" by Adele.

"In her latest video "Someone Like You," Adele gets a little more cinematic, film noir style, as we see the singer wandering the black-and-white streets of France as she reflects on an old love." - Mtv Buzzworthy

"She's risen the ranks to become one of the most popular ladies in the music world, and Adele has just released the music video for her hit single "Someone Like You"." - Celebrity-Gossip

"absolutely totally love this song. Adele shot this video with Jake Nava in Paris….a city that embodies romance but, at dusk, is also the perfect setting for heartbreak." - MissInfo



Run Day Mile-Dash 10p 3 years ago

related for those who are expired of love one... hahaha...
but its true and give you another time to love... hehehe


araceli vasquez 62p 3 years ago

This songs makes me wan a cry it gets to my heart its so beautiful....


Lidesyan Lincoln 10p 3 years ago

This song makes me want to cry i feel every single word.


brandon lewis 109p 3 years ago

i love this song


bethelehem bekele 15p 3 years ago

I hope Adele could read this. It happended to me too a year and seven months ago. I felt like it was my life that she made a song about. I am deeply touched!!!!!!!!!
Thanks alot. I will carry this song in my heart always...........................


Jessica Fez 15p 3 years ago

I love her voice. (:


Kori Hemann 35p 3 years ago

Amazing son her voice is amazing! I can almost match it when i'm singing it!


Eric Keo 10p 3 years ago

This song inspires me so much. When I listent to this, my insides get stir up. Oh and by the way, 1st.


Khaliyah J41097 75p 3 years ago

So do I, she has such a powerful voice and its so beautiful



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Adele - Someone Like You