Solange Knowles Getting Ready for New Single Release

After not releasing an album for four years, Solange Knowles put out a teaser for upcoming single “Losing You.” Solange Knowles Getting Ready for New Single Release

Recent news about Solange Knowles has revolved around her older sister, be it questioning Beyonce’s friendship with Kim Kardashian or about Blue Ivy Carter. Nevertheless, Solange has her own music career and has not put out any material since 2008’s Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams. At the end of last week, however, she teased footage for new song “Losing You” and its upcoming video.

The single, with sounds clearly backing up her "eclectic with '80s references and African percussion influences" assertions, is expected to drop on October 7 and was written by Knowles and Dev Hynes, who also produced.

The accompanying video, directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz, features visuals from Mickalene Thomas. Knowles gave the artist a shout-out on Twitter: "Was so honored to shoot this piece in the astounding works of the brilliant artist @MICKALENETHOMAS .Ive been inspired by her work for ages. After using her work as a reference for so long, I decided to go out on a limb and ask @MICKALENETHOMAS to be apart of the project. I was so honored & beyond myself when @MICKALENETHOMAS let us shoot the piece in one of her brilliant installations."

The video, as well, was shot in South Africa and has been said to have a “stylized documentary” feel. About the location, the singer explained: "So the locations for my video will largely be inspired by the color in the architecture and townships around here. We'll just take a camera and see what happens."

For a preview of what’s to come from Solange, listen to the teaser below:

Written on Sep 23 2012 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: solange losing you


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