Solange Discusses Babysitting Beyonce's Daughter

When it comes to supporting each other, the sisters definitely have each other's backs. Solange Discusses Babysitting Beyonce's Daughter

Beyonce Knowles might be the one who has had the most international success but younger sister, Solange, has been a mother for close to a decade.  Fortunately, they are so close that the experience of one can benefit the other.

In a recent interview, Solange explained that she and Beyonce swap babysitting on a regular basis which is pretty sweet, when you think about it.  They might have the money to hire nannies but nothing can quite replace the reassurance that comes with leaving your child with a trusted family member.

In an interview with New York magazine she said: "Blue comes over, I babysit.  [Beyonce] takes Julez sometimes for the weekend."  It’s easy since they both live in New York.

The proximity allows Beyonce’s 9-month-old daughter, Blue Ivy, and Solange’s 8-year-old Julez to spend a lot of time together.  "[Blue] and Julez are going to grow up more like sister and brother than cousins," Solange said.

That’s a pretty cute idea!

Written on Nov 15 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: solange beyonce blue ivy carter


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