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"So Far Away" Video Review

A year after Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan's passing, Avenged Sevenfold release a music video to commemorate their loss, titled "So Far Away". The drummer's official death was reportedly caused by an accidental overdose of prescription drugs.

The song was written by Synyster Gates, the band's lead guitarist, as tribute his best friend, "The Rev".

"It was actually Synyster's first attempt and success at writing lyrics for an entire song," Johnny Christ has explained. "It was very much him speaking his peace to Jimmy in the song and I think he did a great job. Overall the song has a somber kind of one voice, one guitar kind of feel - of course we play everything else in it - but the feel is very much dark and one guitar and one voice and everything comes together in a very touching outro."

The music video was directed by Wayne Isham and features footage of the band having fun with Jimmy at their side. Avenged Sevenfold commented on their official site, "This video is a raw and emotional tribute to Avenged Sevenfold's late drummer Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan and celebrates the long-time friendship the band members have shared since forming A7X in Huntington Beach, CA, in 1999."



Joshua Stamp 10p 2 years ago

Thank u for keepn rock alive.Thank so much


Yendripunk Freedom 10p 3 years ago

i love you jimmy the rev


Mazbeen Palsetia 10p 4 years ago

Love it....its sad that he isn't there anymore....RIP Jimmy


Strawberry Rhapsody 5277p 4 years ago

his voice has a depth that's missing in most of those
over auto-tuned artists these days

Love it!



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Avenged Sevenfold - So Far Away