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Snoop World by Snoop Dogg

[Master P]

At ease

I would like to welcome the newest No Limit Soldier

Mr. Snoop D-O Double G and he brings to the tank

Money power respect leadership street knowledge and wisdom

AHH YAH...D.P.G. yah D.P.G.

Pop the Champaign

Once you break this of you can't get twisted

So pay attention and listen



Welcome to my world nigga and it's V.I.P

And the bitches and the bud for free (6x)



Welcome to this world that you never thought existed

And you got to be a soldier to be inlisted

Listen IM gunna take your mind your body and your soul

On a whole lil' trip just don't loose your grip

Wait a second (Wait a second) were is the sack

You don't have to ask no questions just jump in the back

And leave your strap cus there ain't none of that

Were we goin' it ain't nuthin' but 808 beats and flauntin'

Niggas showin' niggas love hoes suckin' dicks

That's how we do it cus everything is in the mix

Doggy Land Doggy World Snoop World whatever

It don't matter cus we 'bout it and homies down to do whatever

Everything is legit and the bitches the shit

And niggas they give you love cus dey down for it

Now that's just how it goes and all the hoes on me

And everything is V.I.P and that's on D.P.G

Now nigga creep in just like a liquor store

Now nigga if you want a hoe nigga just let me know

I'll send a H and when she gets you (got you)

She with you forever and ?? That's da D.P way

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[Chorus x 5]



Wipe your feet before you enter in

Now take a seat and peep dis beat and sip yo' gin

Cus ain't no killin' everybody chillin'

Steady stackin' paper from the floor up to the ceilin'

Now in my world a bitch is a girl

And mans best friend is his ends and his mothafuckin' benz

But chall can't get in just cus you all say you chall down wit us

And try to get around wit us and hang around wit us and clown wit us

Hold on this shit here is for the establishment

Niggas that's havin' shit and if you ain't roll on and stroll on

This is the spot were the bangers at the slangers at

Were red and blue equals green and we probably be black

In fact we stack G's for them keys so when we finished doin' deeds

You all can't believe what we did provide an opportunity in the


Tryin' to spread a lil' unity between you and me

Since IM the mayor I think I gotta say-ahh a lil' something

Lets keep it jumpin' playa (playa) ain't to many places that you know


So everybody in the world welcome to the muthafuckin dogg house


[Chorus x 2]


[Master P]

UGGHHHH picture me ballin' (ballin')

3rd world hustler out the ghetto of New Orleans

Some say life is like a fairy tail (fairy tail)

Did a song with Snoop Dogg and it turned into a business deal

But it ain't bout da ends cus we all got matches and we all got benz's

It's about riddin' with the homies (homies)

Gettin rid of the fake and lookin' through the phonies

And the haters can't stop this check billboards number one

The only company with a profit So say Ughh and How You Do Dat There

It's No Limit and D.P.G. nigga we don't care


[Chorus x 4]



Yah Snoop World

Home of the No Limit Soldiers Beats By the Pound

You know how we do dis ain't no stoppin' this

We can't be stopped we run da streets

You feel me da streets is ours

Ain't no stoppin' this shit nigga

Ain't No Limit neither your lucky

Yah it's on for life

Yah gunna drive this tank overseas

Gunna get these g's while we smoke on these trees



Welcome to my world nigga and it's V.I.P

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