Snoop Dogg's 'Boom' Music Video

Snoop Dogg Teams up with T-Pain to Produce 'Boom' Music Video From Upcoming 'Doggumentary' Snoop Dogg's 'Boom' Music Video

A new music video by rapper Snoop Dogg, has gone viral since its release. Obviously music lovers around the globe have taken a great liking to this new clip which is for Snoop Dogg's club-ready song 'Boom' featuring T-Pain.

The video opens with T-Pain calling out "Boom!" repeatedly as the music begins. Snoop then begins his verse followed by a short insert by Willow Smith who sings the line, "Get your money, whip your hair / Executive branch blowing smoke like a player." The two rappers return to the screen as they move to the entrance of an underground party. A female bouncer scans their hands before allowing entry to the elite location. Once inside the club, Snoop and T-Pain move in time with the bouncy track.

'Boom' is another track released from the upcoming "Doggumentary" album, scheduled for release on March 29.

Another Snoop video that has been out for a while, is the video for the Skeetox remix of Wiz Khalifa's single 'Black & Yellow' that was released in time for this year's Super Bowl. The re-recorded track by The Game and Snoop Dogg has the title 'Purp & Yellow' the colours of the L.A. Lakers. A number of basketball players make appearances in the clip, NBA players including Ron Artest, Matt Barnes and Shannon Brown. All of the group enter a quiet warehouse, when suddenly it comes alive with a band and a DJ rocking the building.

During the bit where The Game smashed the guitar into many pieces, a fragment of one of the broken pieces embedded itself into his finger. Unfortunately, he needed to go to hospital for some stitches. The remixed song is available on The Game's latest mixtape entitled 'Purp & Patron.

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Strawberry Rhapsody 5277p 4 years ago

looks like life's just gonna get better for the Dogg, and it couldn't have happened to a nicer man!


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