Slipknot Frontman Corey Taylor Ambivalent About Making New Album

Although previously stating that, after the death of bassist Paul Gray, Slipknot will not record a new album, frontman Corey Taylor recently mentioned that new material could be a possibility – just not right now. Slipknot Frontman Corey Taylor Ambivalent About Making New Album

The death of long-time Slipknot bassist Paul Gray from an accidental drug overdose last year shook up the metal band from Iowa. While the group recently did a three-week tour of Europe, which included headlining the Sonisphere Festival, frontman Corey Taylor has been on the fence about a new album since early 2011. Although opposed to the idea of it in March, he has not completely voided the possibility of one.

At a recent signing for his book Seven Deadly Sins – The Settling The Argument Between Being Born Bad and Damaged Good, Taylor stated about a future album: “We’ve already talked about maybe doing some touring and what-not. I’m still kind of on the fence about how I feel about making a new album right away. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be open to it maybe in a couple of years. I mean, it’s still fresh for me. And I know I’ve caught some shit in the press or from some people because I may come off as negative. I’m not being negative — I’m being real. I lost my brother and it doesn’t fucking compute to me yet making an album without him, and until I can kind of fucking wrap my head around that, then it will make sense and then we will make another album. So I’m feeling better about the future of Slipknot. We’ll just have to wait and fucking see. I will do my very best.”

Back in March, however, Taylor was opposed to the idea of doing any recording under Slipknot, although fans could expect new material from his other band, Stone Sour. He informed at the time: “[W]ith Slipknot, there's such a huge piece missing now — a piece that the fans can't even understand. And, honestly, it drives me nuts trying to explain it to them. I mean, Paul always was that unconscious, almost lynchpin that held everything together. And he had such a great mind for the music that we created that without him, I don't see it happening very soon, let's put it that way. If we do, it's gonna be way down the line, and it's gonna be when everyone's ready. Because there are other things in the band that are affecting things right now."

The remaining members, on the other hand, do not appear to be waiting for Taylor to come around. In May at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards, drummer Joey Jordison mentioned the band is working on new material – Jordison himself wrote a few tracks already – and will go on with or without Taylor: "As far as I'm concerned, Slipknot's my baby and I have a bunch of [new] songs written. And I'm in rehearsal right now with all the guys and it's completely on fire. Donnie's [Steele, the touring replacement for Gray] doing a great job. And as far as Slipknot's concerned, it'll always exist - with [Corey] or without him. So that's it."

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