Slayer Start Recording New Album, Scheduled for 2013

Presently on tour, Slayer have already started recording a new album, which may hit stores in 2013. Slayer Start Recording New Album, Scheduled for 2013

Currently tour and with guitarist Jeff Hanneman still recovering from flesh-eating necrotizing fasciitis, Slayer is still pushing ahead with a new album. According to an interview Kerry King did with Rolling Stone, the group have already started recording a new release, possibly scheduled for 2013, and even have a few tracks close to completion.

While Slayer is doing their first national tour, as part of the Mayhem Festival, since 2006, they already have two tracks completed – only mixing is needed, according to King. Two additional songs require vocals, and another two were created as demos with producer Greg Fidelman, who worked with the metal band on 2009’s World Painted Blood.

King additionally stated he wants to get back to work after Mayhem is over. The festival’s last performance is August 5 in Hartford, Conn. King mentioned: "If I get off my a-- and start writing again on the road – since we've been in Europe, I keep trying to work on lyric ideas, maybe some leads, and fixing songs that didn't work correctly – it should be a real quick process."

Hanneman has not participated in the tour nor in the recording process thus far. Exodus guitarist Gary Holt has replaced him live, and King has been recording all guitar parts in the studio. Regarding Hanneman’s absence, King told Rolling Stone: "We're planning for him to come back and the door is open, because it's his f---ing gig. If he can play, Jeff Hanneman is going to f---ing be here, and I'm stoked about that. I love playing with Gary, and he's doing a killer job, but if Jeff came back and said 'I'm ready,' I'll check him out to see that he's ready, and off we go."

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