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Alabama 3 Sister Rosetta lyrics is the 11th song on the album "Exile On Coldharbour Lane" by Alabama 3. The "Sister Rosetta" lyrics by Alabama 3 are displayed below.
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Sister Rosetta by Alabama 3

It's a rainy night in Brixton D. Wayne

Why are you taking me downtown?

I brought you down here for a reason Larry

You've been a faithful little reverend

Due in the mountain of disseminating the dope music

To people all over the world


But I haven't been wholly straightforward with you Larry

But tonight I think you're about to move a stage further

In my twelve step plan which you have fought so diligently

Yeah brother let me look in the bag


Then unrolled your fingers

Black cat bone some rats leap out the bag to join the cut throat

Now lets take a little touch of this a little touch of this

Gimme that dixie bottle you're holdin' there put some of this in there

Mix it up real good now you drink that down Larry


Tell me how you feel

Oh I feel goddamn weird D. Wayne

Do you feel the spirit?

I feel the spirit comin' to me

Are you changin' Larry?

I can change

Are you changin' from what you once were?

I can change man I can change


You have the power to do as the Lord does and remember Larry

God has power God has power and if one does

As God does enough times you will become as God is

Feel the spirit movin' through you Larry


As we go back

Back to the beat of the heart

Back to me and you Larry

Now sing me a sad sweet spiritual

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In that mornin'

I wanna be walkin' yeah

I wanna be walkin' on

I wanna be walking on to gold yeah


On line of horizons I can see

City lights are shining yeah

Shining like diamonds

Lord I believe I'm coming home


You gotta help me now

You gotta help me now


You see I looked for the light in the words of Saint Matthew

Took the heed of the call to come and congregate

I got me a ticket for that gospel train

But Lord it got to the station just a little too late


But into the night I went looking for angels

Only to find that I was walking alone

Searchin' the line for some sign of salvation Lord

But I found none


You've gotta help me now

Some brother some sister somebody

You've gotta help me now


I buried my Bible at the back of the bar room

I bought me a bottle jukebox played Jerry Lee

I stumbled and staggered in the heat of the moonshine

A whole lot of shakin' goin' on in me


Up in the skies thunder is rollin'

River is running to bed down below

I'm gonna raise up my hands

Sing all the sweets of the cale

It's comin' comin' on strong now


So help me now


You gotta help me now

You gotta help me now

You gonna help me now?


Hear that D. Wayne?

I can feel brother I got that gospel swing

I got that golden gate quartet on my turntable

Gospel music gonna let me swing


I'm gonna get down on here to Jackson

Gonna get down on my knees

I'm gonna get down to five miles in Alabama

'Cause tonight gospel music gonna set me free


Gospel music gonna set me free

Sweet pretty acid house gospel music

It's gonna set me free


'Til the morning watch me now I'm gonna be walkin'

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