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  • Thong Song Remix
    by Sisqo | Rating: -

    ... on the dance floor Uh huh and shake your ass [Sisqo] Ooh that dress looks scandalous And you know another nigga ... show (Dut dun dut dun) That thong thong thong thong [Sisqo] Listen that girl so scandalous And you know another nigga ...

  • Sisqo Album Cover
    Unleash The Dragon
    by Sisqo | Rating: -

    ... 'm lay back for now and let Sisqo flow Repeat 1 (2x) [Sisqo] Uh, 2G, Sisqo nigga what? Uh-huh, yo I ain ... about to unleash the dragon In the year 2G 2- [Sisqo] Unleash the dragon Unleash the dragon Yeah, yeah Repeat 2 ...

  • ... 'm sayin? [DMX] What these bitches want from a nigga [Sisqo] Hmmm (Ruff Ryders) DMX break em off [DMX] What these ... ? (cmon) What the fuck you want from a nigga?! (cmon) [Sisqo - chorus] What these bitches want from a nigga? What you ...

  • Sisqo Album Cover
    by Sisqo | Rating: -

    ... shared together Came clear to me one night In love (sisqo) Tossed and turned and broke a sweat Of with tears ... for me Remembering all of the times we spent together (sisqo) Came clear to me one night (chinky and chorus) It ...

  • Homewrecker
    by Sisqo | Rating: -

    ... 't cha? You tryna messup my thing ain't cha? (Sisqo) Well no more Stalkin me like you crazy and obsessed ... past? I wish i never hit dat ohhhhhhhh (chorus 2x) (Sisqo) Yeah yeah Oh ohhhhhhhhhhhh Oh yeah Oh yeah Yeah yeah ...

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