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"Simple Song" Video Review

The Shins are finally back after a 5 year recording break! Except frontman James Mercer, all the other band members had been swapped out. But the good news is the sound is the same, so don’t panic!

Few people would have thought the band will come back, especially when Mercer teamed with Danger Mouse for a new project, named Broken Bells. But even with the odds against them, they are back recording and are going to release a new album “Port Of Morrow”, due on March 20.

In the “Simple Song” video, James Mercer plays a dead father who leaves a message to his family over a video tape. He announces a treasure hunt for the deed to the family home, starting a mad race, almost a battle between his three children.

“To my three children; I couldn’t decide which of you to give the house to, so I didn’t choose any of you. Because, as you know, each of you hates my guts.” Mercer


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The Shins - Simple Song