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You're such a poet

I wish I could be Wesley Willis

My words would flow like honey

Sweet and laid on thick


You're so edgy

You don't even need a rhyming dictionary

I wipe my hands on your jeans

'Cause they are more distressed


So they say you've got a CD

And they claim you can barely read

But you say

"Don't bother me with all of your reality"


But it could be so simple

Life should be that simple

I wish it were just so simple


But the point's been missed

You've made a mess

Who would have guessed

That it's as simple as it seems

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So what you're a genius

But you've got a lot to learn

Like the time you lost your apartment

'Cause you bought too much Vuitton


You park in a loading zone

You sleep with the lights all on

You cross your I's and dot your T's

All it goes to show


That it could be so simple

Life should be that simple

I wish it were just that simple


Forget the point's been missed

We've made a mess

Who would have guessed

And it's as simple as it seems


I'm not saying that it's a piece of cake

Just take a moment to re-evaluate

The possibilities the situations

The opportunities that are waiting

Oh the possibilities oh I


It could it could be that simple

Life should be that simple

I wish it were just so simple


You're in a haze

It's just a phase

You know this maze

Is as simple as it seems


We could talk all day

About your eccentricities

What I mean to say

Oh is that I need you to listen please


And focus on all life's simplicities

So don't be afraid to strip it away

'Cause at the end of the day

It's still as simple as it seems


It is all so simple

Just deal with it

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