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"Sexy And I Know It" Video Review

Dance crazed party boys LMFAO get naked in their new "Sexy And I Know It" video with Redfoo and Skyblu stripping down to their speedos in a busting new video.

LMFAO is known for their fun party anthems that make everyone want to dance and once again, "Sexy And I Know It" has everyone wanting to do the running man.

The video follows LMFAO as they dance their way up and down what looks like a stretch of beach in Venice, Calif., where plenty of artistically free people congregate and march to the beat of their own drum. But LMFAO? They get free in another way. They let their “members” hang out for all to see in their skintight Speedos, which they wore on ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno’ recently. - PopCrush



David King 273p 2 years ago

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Enrick Bisht 43p 2 years ago

bladdyy aweesome.... ;)


Christopher Otto 90p 2 years ago

Shut the **** up you **** **** english ****


mykalin touchette 156p 3 years ago

it's cool and funny but this video is awesome really iknow seen it alot of times!!!!!!!!!


Salih Morina 10p 3 years ago



Christopher Otto 90p 2 years ago

eat my cheesey nuts


edwina egbeama 207p 3 years ago

it´s cool


Sandeepraj Pawar 15p 3 years ago

09921627001 call me...........


Christopher Otto 90p 2 years ago

omg i think your my soon...crazy party in 1982, you ma was smokeing my shaft


Jameson PHD 65p 3 years ago

funny song lmao


Josh McNiel 10p 3 years ago

yeah. I love this song.



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Lmfao - Sexy And I Know It