Selena Gomez Shares Picture of Herself and Taylor Swift Facetiming with Demi Lovato

The BFF trifecta seems to be enjoying each other's company in the screenshot posted on Instragram. Selena Gomez Shares Picture of Herself and Taylor Swift Facetiming with Demi Lovato

Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are three of the biggest recording artists out there, but they still do stuff in their everyday life that normal girls their age do. On Sunday, Gomez posted a picture on Instagram showing the three of them video chatting through Apple's application Facetime.

The screenshot shows that Gomez and Swift are together at one end of the chat holding tea cups, while Lovato is at the other. The caption accompanying the photo is: "Just a Saturday night. Taylor's tea, Demi's laugh. Honestly, can't complain."

T-Swizzle is looking in the camera and has apparently said something funny at which both Sel and Demi are laughing. The three have been besties for a long time and are often seen enjoying each other's company.

Gomez last week cancelled her tour of Asia and Australia to spend some time on herself, and judging by her mood in this image and several others preceding it, it seems she is doing just that these days. The 21-year-old former Disney star recently attended a Stevie Wonder concert and also shared a picture of her cuddling a baby. These positive, relaxed and fun photos could be an attempt to dispel media reports which claimed that the cancellation of her foreign tour was due to a sudden outburst of Lupus.

Written on Dec 30 2013 by Zohaib Ahmed (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: selena gomez taylor swift demi lovato


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