Sean Paul Says 'She Doesn't Mind' in New Video

The dancehall singer plays pimp to his woman in the music video for his single, "She Doesn't Mind." Sean Paul Says 'She Doesn't Mind' in New Video

TSA takes it a little too far in the video for Sean Paul’s new single, “She Doesn’t Mind.”

The video, which opens like a documentary short, shows a revamped Sean Paul (He sports a Mohawk now!) waiting for a flight amidst of bevy of unusually attractive security babes.          

“The main concept of the video is that we’ve all been through security, we all know it starts to feel a little personal perhaps when they start patting you down and doing that whole things, said director Evan Winter to Rap-Up TV. “We decided to take it a little ways extra and make it so that we get a little sexy with going through security.”

The video seems more like a softcore lesbian fantasy than a song accompaniment. Speaking of the song, it is far more catchy than the video, which shows a few too many camera still of gorgeous women in desirous poses. The even more unbelievable climax occurs when the overly aggressive female TSA worker begins touching—or rather, molesting—the female travelers while Sean Paul and other horny men look on.

“She don’t mind at all,” sings Sean Paul, giving his own woman permission to be pimped-out an anonymous other, or others, as the entire TSA staff comes in to grope and grab when it is her time to step through the security gate.

This entire scene is footnoted by another Sean Paul, who sings and dances the chorus while being bookended by a quartet of scantily clad women. Yes, more women.

“She Doesn’t Mind” is the second single from Sean Paul’s upcoming album. Watch the video below.

Written on Nov 29 2011 by Altamese Osborne (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: sean paul


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