Scotty McCreery's Mixed Feelings Over High School Graduation

The young American Idol winner recently graduated from high school and is heading to college in the fall. Scotty McCreery's Mixed Feelings Over High School Graduation

North Carolina native, Scotty McCreery, won the 10th season of American Idol with a voice so big that it is almost too easy to forget that he’s just 18 years old.  Even though he had a platinum-selling album and went on tour with big country stars like Brad Paisley, he still had to figure out how to finish high school and maintain his grades well enough to graduate on time. 

A lot of people in his position would have dropped out or put education on hold for a while (stars like Mark Wahlberg are still trying to get that elusive diploma) but he stuck with it and, now that it’s all over, he’s left with mixed feelings about moving on to the next stage in life. 

He explains:  "I enjoyed my four years of high school, so it's bittersweet.”  That says a lot about the friends he had, whom he worried about after winning Idol.  "I thought they would [treat me differently]," he admits. "I was kind of scared going back, because we didn't know how it would work out, but they're probably the ones that slap me around the most and say, 'Stop singing! Shut up, Scotty! They like to poke fun at me."

Fortunately, whatever was waiting for Scotty when he went back to school was positive enough to make him want to continue his education.  He’s actually enrolled for the fall semester at North Carolina State University in the fall.  He has a good plan in place for managing it all: "We're not going to take a full week's load of classes.  Probably like a two-day schedule. That's the initial plan, but we'll see what works out. It will be a balance for sure. We'll figure it out."

In addition to preparing for his first year at college, Scotty has a full schedule in the months ahead.   He will be continuing to tour with Brad Paisley throughout  the summer.

Written on Jun 15 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: scotty mccreery


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