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Chris Knight Saved By Love lyrics is the 3rd song on the album "Enough Rope" by Chris Knight. The "Saved By Love" lyrics by Chris Knight are displayed below.
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Saved By Love by Chris Knight

I wasn't stranded in the desert

I wasn't drifting out to sea

I was in no kind of danger

That would be the death of me

But when you took me in your arms

Like an angel from above

I was saved, saved by love


Iwasn't strung out in some alley

With a habit I couldn't kick

Wasn't lost in dark depression

I wasn't hurting. I wasn't sick

Didn't have all that I needed

But what I had seemed like enough

'Til I was saved, saved by love

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You don't long for what you don't know

You don't miss what you never had

You just watch your life float on by

Not too good, not too bad

Looking back before you found me

What a sad, sad case I was

'Til I was saved, saved by love


Now I look at all the wrong turns

I've passed along the way

The dead ends I'd of raced down

And the price I would've paid

There but for the grace of you

Who knows where I'd of wound up

But I was saved, saved by love


Yeah I was saved, saved by love

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