Desaster - Satan's Soldiers Syndicate Lyrics

Desaster Satan's Soldiers Syndicate lyrics is the 2nd song on the album "666 - Satan's Soldiers Syndicate" by Desaster. The "Satan's Soldiers Syndicate" lyrics by Desaster are displayed below.
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Satan's Soldiers Syndicate by Desaster

Possessed by the twilight at the tunnels of hell

Breathe the dead fog and taste the abyss you dwell

March on hollow ground and break the knife if it falls

Fight until death enjoy the end, hear the call

Heedless we feast but the food chain we lead

A predator's reign is all what it needs

Reacting the cult feel the powers it bares

Devestation at dawn will feed hell's spawn


Satan's Soldier's Syndicate

We walk the fire

Hail the pest we obsess

Satan's Soldier's Syndicate


Within the shores of obscurity

Above the laws of eternity

All shall bleed in ecstasy

Now take the hole to hell

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Entertained by the sick, feel your bodies ignite

The seeds that you sawn are your shore force the right

Is it death that you fear, all remains will appear


All your bodies will break without soul in the end

Held high your own palace let it never collapse

And with the courage it will everlasting in dwell

But if hell awaits while humans fail

We all shall bleed eternally


Come on bastards

If you walk the water

We will walk the fire


Satan's Soldier's Syndicate

We walk the fire

Hail the pest we obsess

Satan's Soldier's Syndicate


No confession at all

To whose master you would go

Just a kind of...


Destiny in its roll

While desaster takes control

The wicked at the aftermath

Observe the light, construct the path



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