Sara Bareilles Releases 'I Choose You' Music Video

The five-time Grammy nominated crooner has helped two of her fans propose to their love interests in the video. Sara Bareilles Releases 'I Choose You' Music Video

The official music video for Sara Bareilles single "I Choose You" has now been released online. In the four-minute-and-13-second-long video, the 34-year-old pop rocker helps a couple of her fans in proposing to their respective love interests.

First in line to receive the "Brave" hitmaker's support is a guy named Matt who's looking to pop the question to his girlfriend Chelsea. After wooing her with some dioramas made of post-it notes, he then calls on the services of Bareilles, who performs while he gets down on one knee.

The second one to get similar treatment is a woman named Ally, who proposes to her same-sex lover Andrea while the kindhearted singer sings in the background. To impress her, she had made a series of posters expressing her love for Andrea, but of course it's Bareilles' presence that does the trick for them too.

Bareilles co-wrote "I Choose You" along with Pete Harper and Jason Blynn. The song was a part of her fourth studio album "The Blessed Unrest", which was released last year and got massive critical as well as commercial acclaim for its musical quality.

Check out Sara Bareilles' "I Choose You" music video down below:

Written on May 05 2014 by Zohaib Ahmed (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: sara bareilles


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