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Sakura Drops (Translation) by Utada Hikaru

Fall in love, then it ends

I swear: This will be my last heartbreak

Even the cherry blossom trees shaking in the wind,

Will bloom one day soon.


The sudden summer rain,

Passed by my tears in a quiet stream

A scene so like one from my memories

A summer re-run of a fall drama.


Why do I keep getting done in by the same punch,

And yet still continue to fight?

That's one of life's little mysteries.

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Fall in love, give it my everything

I hope: This will be my last heartbreak

Even the cherry blossom trees shaking through the seasons,

Will bloom one day soon.


Through the cycling seasons,

My shoes will wear thin.


Take it easy,

Put the past away someplace else.

I don't think it's so far from here,

This place I've never seen.


Get over the endless pain in my heart

I want to be closer to you.

Once around is the beginning again.

Always feeling about blindly for the blue sky


Fall in love, then it ends

I swear: Today will be my first good day.

Even the cherry blossom trees shaking in the wind,*

Are slowly reaching out a hand to you.


I love you so much, so very much I can't do anything about it.

But this has nothing to do with that.

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